The Best Time of Year to Buy (For You!)

When it comes down to it, predicting the best time to buy a home is never an exact science. Each season has its pros and cons, but the truth is that you can snap up a great home at any time of year. Here we’ll discuss the pros of buying a home in each season so that you can identify which works best for you!


Historically speaking, springtime has been hailed as the best time of year to buy a home. The weather is warm, flowers are in bloom and several move-in ready homes have hit the market! With plenty of homes to choose from, you’ll have more opportunities to find a home with all the bells and whistles.


For families with school-aged children, summertime is a popular time to buy because you can get settled into your new home before the school year starts. The consistent sunny weather also allows for a quicker build time when you choose to buy a new construction home. (And not to mention, makes it easier to unload the moving truck when there isn’t a foot of snow on the ground!)


Once the busy summer season is over, you will typically find less competition as you search for your dream home. During the fall, you’ll typically find a good assortment of inventory and maybe even some price cuts from sellers trying to sell before temperatures drop. Plus, you may be able to save on moving costs with there being less competition and more deals offered from moving companies!


Winter is typically known as a buyer’s market, as a lot of sellers tend to be more eager to sell. Although the colder weather is usually not ideal for showing homes at their best, you do have a great chance of finding a good deal on a move-in-ready home that fits your needs.

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