Your Title Questions Answered

What is a title?

Put simply, a title is the right to ownership of a specific real estate property. As a renter, you probably never had to think about your landlord’s right to ownership of the property you were living on. Now as a homeowner, it’s important that you have the right of possession and control of your property.

What does a title company do?

Title companies search through real estate records to find information about the property, such as the legal owner, liens or judgments against the property or any unpaid taxes. After this search is complete, the title company will issue title insurance that will cover both the lender and the buyer.

What is title insurance?

Title insurance protects homebuyers and lenders from financial loss in the event of a defect in the title to your property, such as fraud, forged deeds, misinterpretations of wills, liens, unpaid taxes and more!

PGP Title has a long history of collaborating with PulteGroup’s builder and mortgage partners to achieve efficient closings while insuring the title of your newly built home. For more information on your home’s closing or to learn more about title insurance, reach out to your PGP Title Representative today!