Why Get Pre-Approved? Here are 3 Reasons!

Although it may be more fun to shop for your dream home than to talk about your finances, getting pre-approved can save you a lot of headache in the future. If you’re considering buying a new PulteGroup home and have questions about financing, let your Sales Consultant know! They’ll be able to connect you with a Pulte Mortgage Financing Advisor to answer all your questions and help you get pre-approved.

Here are three reasons why getting pre-approved is essential to your homebuying journey:

You’ll know how much home you can afford.

Getting a pre-approval from your lender before jumping into purchasing a new home can help provide you with a more accurate budget and ensures you are looking in the correct price range.

You’ll have more time to correct potential issues.

Getting pre-approved right away can also help you catch any potential issues, like an error on your credit report. You’ll want to clear up any mistakes during the pre-approval process rather than when you’re under contract with your dream home.

It shows you’re a serious buyer.

It’s no secret that today’s homebuying market is competitive and you’ll want to do all you can to stand out from the crowd. Having a mortgage pre-approval shows you are a serious buyer by having your financial information verified and that you’ve gotten a head-start on the home loan process!

Once you’re ready to start your journey to homeownership, we recommend talking to your Pulte Mortgage Financing Advisor about getting pre-approved!