Why Buy a Quick Move-In Home?

With the development of a new home community, it’s common practice for homebuilders to begin building homes prior to them being sold. These homes are known as quick move-in, or QMI, and are meant to give potential homebuyers a peek at what their new construction home could look like.

Building a new construction home from the ground up can take 12+ months to complete ­– and not everyone has the time (or patience!) to wait. That’s where a quick move-in home could come in handy! Here are a few benefits worth considering when looking at a quick move-in for your next home.

Shorter Wait Periods
Since quick move-in homes are already built or are in the process, you may be able to move in a lot faster compared to building a home from the ground up! This is especially a great option for homebuyers who are relocating or need to get into their new home sooner than later.

Locked-in Rates
With a quicker move-in timeline, you may be able to benefit from locking in your interest rate right away—instead of waiting and wondering if rates will continue increasing over the next several months.

On-Trend Designs
One reason homebuyers enjoy building their home from the ground up is the opportunity for personalization and making design selections. But fortunately, with a quick move-in home you can rest assured your new home will feature the most on-trend design finishes and features since everything is selected by a professional design team member!

Special Financing Incentives
For homebuyers who are on a strict timeline and budget, you can also find homebuilders with in-house mortgage companies who have experience with the new construction home process. (Like Pulte Mortgage!) Homebuilders will often offer special incentives for buyers who choose to finance a new home with their in-house affiliated lender.