3 Myths About New Construction Homes

There are a lot of myths out there surrounding new construction homes, but the truth is that new builds are a viable option for many new homebuyers who are on a budget! Here we’ll break down a few of the most popular myths about buying a new construction home.

Myth #1: New Construction is More Expensive

Thanks to new materials and modern construction techniques, building a new home from the ground up has become faster and more cost-effective than ever before! With a new construction home, you will also get the added benefit of a new home warranty. Even if you do pay more upfront for a new construction home, it will be years before you have to worry about making any repairs. Plus, with energy-efficient appliances and materials, you can save on your monthly utility bills!

Myth #2: New Construction Homes are Time Consuming

With access to the right resources and an expert team, an experienced homebuilder will be able to execute your home’s construction in no time. Once the lot has been secured and the design has been finalized, you could be ready to move into your new home in as little as six months! If you’re looking to move in sooner but still want a new construction home, many builders offer quick move-in homes that are ready to be moved in!

Myth #3: New Construction Means Cookie-Cutter Homes

You can forget about those cookie-cutter neighborhoods you’ve seen on TV! Not all new construction homebuilders are the same. While there may be some limitations, there are many builders that allow you to choose from a variety of floorplans and architectural styles. From the bathroom tiles to the kitchen cabinets, you can enjoy a home that is customized to fit your personality.

Finding a home you love does not have to leave you frustrated with endless searches and costly renovations. With better maintenance costs and peace of mind, buying a new construction home might be the best option for you and your family!