4 Surprising Things Your Homeowners’ Insurance May Cover

Homeowners’ insurance is essential for protecting your home from unexpected events such as fires, theft or natural disasters, but here are five things you might be surprised to learn are also covered by your homeowners’ policy!

Hotel Expenses

If your home is deemed unlivable after a covered peril, your homeowners’ insurance policy may include coverage for living expenses, such as hotels or other accommodations, until your home is repaired or rebuilt.


Homeowner’s insurance not only protects your property, but it can also provide liability coverage in case someone is injured on your property. It can help cover legal fees, medical expenses, and potential settlements if the injured person decides to press charges. This coverage is crucial for safeguarding your finances and protecting you from unexpected legal expenses.

Lightning Strikes

In the United States, about 40 million lightning strikes hit the ground each year. If one of those happens to strike your home and causes a fire or a power surge, the damage will typically be covered by your standard homeowners’ insurance policy.

Meteorite Damage

While it may seem like something out of a sci-fi movie, homeowners’ insurance can provide coverage for meteorite damage to your property. If a meteorite were to strike your home, causing damage, your policy may cover repairs or replacement costs. It’s a surprising coverage option that offers protection against a highly unlikely – but possible! – event.

To explore these coverages further and assess your homeowner’s insurance policy, consider reaching out to Pulte Insurance Agency for a personalized review! Our team can help you understand your coverage and make any necessary adjustments to better protect your home and assets.